BTS’s V Hilariously Proves He’s One In A Million On Run BTS!

“Can professional players even do that?”

From his fashion sense to his interests, everything about BTS‘s V is unique.

He recently learned that even the way he plays tennis is unlike most people.

However, his latest feat proves he’s truly one in a million!

While playing a match with Jin during Episode 130 of Run BTS!, V did something that most tennis players can’t even do on purpose: Get the ball stuck in the opening of the racket!

The boys were convinced the odds of this happening are basically slim to none…

…and because of that, he’s worthy of receiving a point for the hilarious situation!

V might have proved himself to be lucky by doing things that happen once in a blue moon…

…but all he really wanted to do was win the match!

Nothing less is expected from the king of being unique!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter