BTS V’s One Single Regret About His Military Enlistment

His demands are simple.

Recently, the YouTube channel of Na Yeon Seok, better known as Na PD, uploaded a video featuring actor Park Seo Joon and BTS member V.

{From L to R) Park Seo Joon, V, and Na Pd | @15ya.fullmoon/YouTube

The video’s objective was for the two to arrange a surprise for V, who is going to leave for his mandatory military enlistment soon.

When V arrived at the scene, the three of them eventually started talking about the military, and V surprisingly said that he was actually very excited about it. When Na PD seemed a bit taken aback by his enthusiasm, V explained that his father often told him fun stories from his service when he was a child, which made him eager to experience those things.

To be honest, my dad had told me fun stories about the military. I wanted to at least once go and experience it.

— V

He also considers this a big growth opportunity. Previously, he confirmed reports of him joining the Special Duty Team for his service and told fans that he wanted to challenge himself through the unit’s intense training and operating process.

I’m actually excited. I was very excited since I was young. Another experience for me? I was eager to do something like that…I think it would have a good effect on my growth.

— V

So, overall, V’s enthusiasm about his upcoming enlistment is pretty high. Except for one thing, he said to be his biggest regret — his birthday!

V: I was actually very disappointed by it..
Na PD: About what?
V: Birthday!

Since V is expected to enlist within the next few days, he will not be able to spend his birthday with his loved ones on December 30. The singer said it was his biggest disappointment about the whole enlistment procedure.

I was a little disappointed that I don’t get to celebrate my birthday before I go… Everything else is good.

— V

But fortunately, Na PD and Park Seo Joon took care of it. The entire episode was dedicated to arranging an advance birthday celebration for V, complete with cake, decorations, and lots of food!

Thanks to the efforts of Na PD and Park Seo Joon, V will now be able to enlist without any regrets!