BTS’s V Can’t Escape ARMY’s Memes, Even In The U.S.

Move over, Taechwita!

BTS has just arrived in the U.S. for their White House visit with President Joe Biden. Although this is a work trip, the members are enjoying their free time between schedules.

BTS’s V departing from Incheon Airport

V, in particular, is keeping ARMY up to date on his adventures. He waved hello to fans via this Instagram story…



— V’s caption

…and shared a few moments from his trip. So far, V has tried indoor skydiving and gone golfing with JinJ-Hope, and Jimin, where he was spotted by an ARMY Topgolf employee.

V’s Instagram stories. | @thv/Instagram  

Fans could have just saved V’s stories and gone on with their lives, but what fun would that be? Move over, Taechwita; Skydiving V is our new favorite meme!

So far, fans have shot V into outer space…

| @yoongidivohti/Twitter
| @VilfyKth_/Twitter

…turned him into a kite…

| @VilfyKth_/Twitter

…and moved his indoor skydiving outdoors.

| @VilfyKth_/Twitter
Left to right: Jungkook, Jin, and V | @yoongidivohti/Twitter

A few ARMYs have also added in other BTS members…

Jimin and V | @VilfyKth_/Twitter

…including this popular photo of Suga!

V and Suga 

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