BTS’s V Spills On The Heartwarming Way The Group Is Supporting Each Other’s Solo Work

They’re a true family.

BTS‘s V is the cover model for the October issue of Vogue Korea, setting a record as the first male idol to be featured on six Vogue Korea covers. Along with his sizzling pictures from the magazine that have ARMY speculating on the location of his tattoo, V also sat down for an interview with the magazine.

V | Vogue Korea

In the interview, V opened up about everything from how he became a social butterfly to why he embraces difficult moments in life.

Such moments [of being completely worry-free] do occur, but only fleetingly. If life were just a continuation of only happy moments, wouldn’t that be boring? When you have something sweet, you want to have it with something bitter or salty. I think that’s life.

— V

The idol also talked about his upcoming solo debut, which he has previously confirmed he’s working on and has even discussed some of his inspiration.

I want to present a kind of music that I’ve never tried before, something that sets apart form the style BTS’s V has shown. I would think, as if one of my other personas were to make a new debut.

— V

| Vogue Korea

Although BTS have been focusing on their solo careers, working on various solo music and collaborations, V affirmed that all of the members are still each other’s number one supporters.

RM had previously told fans on his live broadcast that all of the members have a lot of different projects in the works.

I think the other members also have stuff happening—something fun like “Sexy Nukim.” I’m pretty sure they’re all… thinking about—or—in the middle of creating fun things right now. I don’t really know the exact details of who’s doing what, but… yeah.

— RM

And V confirmed that each member is working on their music and that they recently got together to have a listening party to show off what they’ve been working on.

We are a really positive group and all eager to unconditionally support each other. We had a meeting recently at Suga’s place to play the music we had been working on individually.

— V

BTS | @BTS_official/Twitter

As expected of the incredibly close group, they were all full of excitement and support for each other.

We were dancing and praising each other non-stop.

— V

V believes that the opportunity for each member to pursue their own music has truly allowed BTS to reignite their passion and enthusiasm for their work.

Being able to pursue one’s own music style lights the passion and enthusiasm in us. That’s what keeps us in love with what we do. I love seeing that.

— V

Fans definitely have a lot of exciting content to look forward to.

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Source: Vogue Korea