From Movies To Real Life, Here’s Where BTS’s V Is Getting His Inspiration For KTH1

We can’t wait for his solo music!

As we patiently wait for BTS V‘s solo music, currently dubbed KTH1 by fans, ARMY can only speculate when his new music will finally see the light of day and what kind of vibe his album will have. Asking him directly only leads to V’s hilarious “non-answers,” as shown on Weverse below.

  • ARMY: “What kind of vibes will the mixtape be? Ballads? Jazz?”
  • V: “Call me the ‘Gifted Golf Student Kim Taehyung’ from now on. I mean it.”

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Instead, let’s take a deep dive into V’s current inspiration to learn more about what ARMY can expect from the new music! Previously, V has named multiple places he gets his musical inspiration from.

I try to get inspiration from everyday life. I think my daily life is already special, to say nothing of going on trips or experiencing special events. These days, I get a lot of inspiration from the work of others.

— V/Vogue Korea

V has been vocal about his love for movies that inspire him, including Call Me By Your Name, that inspire him on both an artistic level and musical level.

Even the content of the movie, such as Forrest Gump, can evoke feelings within V that make him think and may lead to writing inspiration.

Yesterday, I watched Forrest Gump for the first time in a while, and it made me cry a little. At the end of the film, Forrest says, ‘I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze,’ and I really felt for him. It was sad.

— V/Vogue Korea

Similar to his love for movies, V also cites various artists as his inspiration. During a Tokopedia interview, he discussed popular artists like Kurt Cobain, John Legend, and Justin Bieber.

As many fans know, he also has a soft spot for jazz music and listens from everything to Bing Crosby to Lady Gaga.

His final place where he gets inspiration from is within himself. Whenever something strikes him throughout the day, he records it for future reference in his diary.

I write in my diary in hopes that it’ll help with writing lyrics and so I don’t forget those feelings.

— V/Weverse Magazine

Like a true artist, V is prepared for when inspiration strikes him in the form of an emotion or a piece of music he can’t wait to write, leaving fans in anticipation of his solo music.

I do it constantly—I open up my diary whenever something comes up. I copy melodies that pop up in my mind, lyrics, and other things from my diary to my notes app temporarily. When I’m taking a break or I get the urge to work, I open my notes and say, ‘Let’s try this out today,’ and run over to the studio.

— V/Weverse Magazine

| Vogue Korea

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