BTS’s RM Updates ARMYs On The Progress Of His Solo Album And Future Activities Of The Other Members In 2022

2022 is set to be extremely busy for BTS!

2022 has been a crazy year for BTS. Amidst celebrating their ninth anniversary, the members have all been busy doing their own schedules and preparing for the release of solo albums. The same can definitely be said for BTS’s leader RM.


Earlier in the year, BTS revealed during a live broadcast that the group would be taking some time out from releasing music as a group to focus on their individual content. Far from a “hiatus” that some media outlets described, the members have been enjoying some time to focus on themselves.


The dubbed “Chapter 2” already seems to be in full swing after member J-Hope was the first to release his album Jack In The Box.

J-Hope’s “MORE” video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
J-Hope’s “ARSON” video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube     

Well, it seems like RM has come back and updated ARMYs on the progress of his own album.

On September 12 (KST), RM had a live broadcast with ARMYs to celebrate his birthday. During the video, he chatted about his house, made J-Hope’s fan dreams come true and much more.

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During the live broadcast, it only seemed natural that RM started talking about the progress he’s made on his own material. Back in July, RM revealed that around 90% of the album was done.

It seems like the process has almost finished and is ready to share with the world.

First, the album is… It’s almost ready. Almost done, but as for when I might release it, I have to look into what other things are happening.

— RM

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It seems like it isn’t just RM who is busy at the moment and has plans for the future.

During the broadcast, although RM explained that the album was almost finished, he wasn’t sure when it would be released. RM explained that he would try to get it released by the end of the year.

I’m aiming for it to come out before the year’s over, maybe.

— RM

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Yet, it was what RM said next that made ARMYs realize that all the members are very busy. BTS’s leader recently featured on a track with Balming Tiger called “Sexy Nukim.” It immediately caught the attention of fans worldwide.

RM collaboration with Balming Tiger | Balming Tiger/YouTube
| Balming Tiger/YouTube       

Well, RM seems to think that he might not be the only one with collaborations on the horizon. BTS’s leader explained that even if he can’t release his song by this year, the other members will have a lot to do and material to share with fans.

I think the other members also have stuff happening—something fun like ‘Sexy Nukim.’ I’m pretty sure they’re all… thinking about—or—in the middle of creating fun things right now. I don’t really know the exact details of who’s doing what, but… yeah.

— RM

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It wouldn’t be such a shocking thing for BTS to do as 2022 has been full of amazing collaborations, whether it was Jungkook and Charlie Puth, Suga and PSY, and also BTS’s vocal line and Benny Blanco with Snoop Dog.

Charlie Puth and Jungkook’s track | Charlie Puth/YouTube
PSY and Suga’s collaboration | psyofficial/YouTube
BTS vocal line collab with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dog | Benny Blanco/YouTube

Although it isn’t clear when RM’s album will be released, it will undoubtedly be pure magic! After over four years since Mono, it will be exciting to see how the idol has grown with his music and what messages he wants to share.

You can read more about RM updating fans on the progress of his solo album below.

BTS’s RM Updates ARMYS On The Progress Of His Solo Album During Weverse Live Broadcast

Source: Weverse