BTS’s V Has The Perfect Solution To Instagram Stories Being Deleted After 24-Hours, But There’s A Hilarious Catch

ARMYs want the videos forever… but only V can control it!

Since the members of BTS created their own Instagram accounts, ARMYs have been flooded with content from the group, and it has definitely been an exciting time. While getting to grips with the social media platform, the members promoted underrated artists, solved technical problems, and almost broke the internet!

One member who has certainly been having fun on Instagram is member V and fans have loved seeing his constant updates.


In particular, on January 6th, V treated ARMYs to a welcomed morning call on his story. He posted videos of himself looking extremely handsome with the BGM of Bruno Major‘s’ track “Tapestry” and the caption “Good Morning….

Of course, when the video was shared, fans couldn’t get enough of the black and white aesthetic of the video but also how handsome V looked.

Yet, many also realized that it would only be there for 24 hours because V posted it on his story. Even though ARMYs worldwide would’ve recorded and shared it, it wasn’t the same as having the videos and content on V’s actual Instagram.

Luckily, one user on Weverse was ready to help as they went on the platform to share the issue with V. In the post, they wrote, “Taehyung-ah, Instagram stories disappear so please post (the images) on your feed instead.

| Weverse

As expected, V continues to prove that he will do anything for ARMYs to make them happy. After seeing the post, V replied, “Hmm, I’ll post it later,” and it had fans excited at the idea that V would repost the video just so fans could see it forever on his account.

| Weverse

Even though fans are now excited about this idea, they might have to wait a bit longer than expected. When another ARMY shared that they would look forward to the posts, V replied, “Yes, please just wait 1 year…

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Of course, ARMYs couldn’t stop laughing at the idea that V got everyone excited just to reply with a very sassy comment. In particular, many didn’t expect anything less from V and joked that it was the perfect response…

Others joked that one year was nothing compared to the time they’ve waited for other BTS content, especially the prospect of a collaboration with Jungkook.

Even though a year might seem like a lot, K-Pop fans are the best at waiting for things, whether it is new albums, tours, or even just tweets. V’s stories are definitely worth the wait, and fans have their fingers crossed that he sticks to his promise and posts them.

You can read more about V’s Instagram antics below.

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