BTS’s V Is A Genius At Songwriting—Here’s Where He Gets His Inspiration From

There’s a process that he follows.

BTS‘s V is known for a variety of things—his handsome looks, his refreshing personality, and of course, his incredible talent. He’s not only a great singer, dancer, and rapper, but also a capable songwriter.

BTS’s V | Weverse Magazine

He recently revealed in an interview posted on Weverse Magazine that the song he released last December 24, 2020, “Snow Flower,” was written in just three hours—and he was tipsy while at it. It was a sneak peek at just how good he is at composing and lyric writing.

So where exactly does V get his inspiration from? It’s simpler than many people may think: he writes on his diary. Whenever something strikes him throughout the day, he records it for future reference.

I write in my diary in hopes that it’ll help with writing lyrics and so I don’t forget those feelings.

— V

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To make this practice even more effective, he often takes a pen to paper and lets his mind roam.

I do it constantly—I open up my diary whenever something comes up. I copy melodies that pop up in my mind, lyrics, and other things from my diary to my notes app temporarily.

— V

In V’s eyes, writing isn’t a chore. He’s willing to drop everything just to run to the studio to make more music.

When I’m taking a break or I get the urge to work, I open my notes and say, ‘Let’s try this out today,’ and run over to the studio.

— V

Some of his songs that were acknowledged by the Korean Music Copywrite Association include “Stigma” (2016), “Winter Bear” (2019), and “Sweet Night” (2020).

Source: Weverse Magazine