Someone Stole Taekook’s Photo — BTS V’s Reaction Says A Lot About His Character

Who took it?

Put on your detective caps, ARMY! It’s time to solve “The Mysterious Case of the Missing Taekook Selfie.”

V | BigHit Music/Facebook

On December 8th, BTS‘s posted this photo of him and Jungkook on Instagram. Their “Taekook” selfie, taken on the set of The Late Late Show with James Corden, was pinned to James Corden‘s wall of guests.

| @thv/Instagram

Since “Taekook” selfies don’t happen often, each one becomes a hot topic and a prized part of ARMY’s photo collection. This was no exception.

Jungkook and V | @thv/Instagram

Unfortunately, a week later, the photo is missing! On Weverse, a fan shared this snap of the photo wall, captioned, “Who has stolen the picture? :(” 

| Weverse 

“WHO STOLE IT,” “TAEKOOK SELCA,” and related phrases became trending topics shortly after. Some fans are determined to track down the thief, but had a different reaction.

“?? Haha, that’s okay,” he wrote in the comments. “I’ll just take another one whenever I get to go back.” 

| Weverse

Hold on. A new Taekook selfie? In that case, maybe we should thank the thief instead!

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