A New Season Of “Bon Voyage?” V And Suga Decide Where BTS Will Vacation In 2025

We can’t wait!

BTS‘s Suga sat down with V in a new episode of Suchwita where they discussed everything from the struggles of their past to their hopes for the future. To wrap up the episode, Suga asked V about his dreams for the future.

V revealed that he’s never seen the Northern Lights before. Also known as the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights are a natural display of light in the northern hemisphere’s night sky.

V’s goal isn’t to see this iconic sight by himself — He wants all of the BTS members to enjoy it with him!

I want all seven of us BTS members to go see the Northern Lights together and have a drink together and have a nice conversation.

— V

The two planned on the day that all seven members reunite, they will get “kidnapped” and sent off to see the Northern Lights for a new season of Bon Voyage.

Yeah, we’ll get kidnapped and Bon Voyage, then in northern Europe we’ll be like, ‘It’s the aurora!’

— Suga

Suga was ready to use this video clip as evidence of their plan. Not only was it all recorded, but also the entire staff was present.

The two settled on the exciting plans…

…and ARMYs can’t wait to see the footage of the future trip!

Check out more below.

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