BTS’s V Spills On The Unexpected Change In Drinking Habits While Filming For “Jinny’s Kitchen” In Mexico

It seems like Seo Jin has a magic touch!

BTS‘s V is one of the idols who is known for his unique habits when it comes to drinking alcohol.

Despite many idols showcasing their drinking ability, V is not one of them. BTS and ARMYs know that V’s drinking tolerance is very low but the idol has revealed that it’s gotten better over the years.



Well, it seems like that is still the case now, and it was emphasized when V appeared on The Game Caterers along with the rest of the cast of the upcoming show Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seo Jin’s).As expected, the entire cast showcased their amazing chemistry.


During the episode, the PD was talking about Tequila and V adorably rang the bell, explaining that he knew about it because he had tried it before. He even added that he fell in love with the drink after filming the show in Mexico.

Fellow Wooga Squad member Park Seo Joon joked that it was because the cast drank daily during filming.

While not everyone is a fan of tequila as a drink, V couldn’t stop praising the beverage as he explained, “I didn’t know alcohol could be this sweet.”

Hilariously, like ARMYs already know, co-star Jung Yu Mi revealed that it was the case when they started filming, as she spilled, “Initially, he couldn’t drink alcohol.”

V seemingly agreed with his co-star as he joked, “I couldn’t even bring it to my lips,” so it seems like the cast of the show and being in Mexico managed to change his habits, even if it was only slightly.

Yet, it seems like V isn’t the only person who has felt the impact of Lee Seo Jin on their drinking habits. Na PD hilariously also explained that he learned to drink properly after filming with Seo Jin.

Of course, it is adorable to see that V had such a good time filming in Mexico and that the cast treated him like a true maknae. Although it might not have changed V’s take on alcohol completely, it seems like V might have slightly built up a better tolerance to alcohol and found a drink he likes.

You can read more from the episode below.

Source: channel fullmoon

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