ARMY Notice How Much BTS’s V Changed In The Past Few Years After Older Video Resurfaces Following “Proof Of Inspiration”

He’s grown so much since then!

After BTS‘s V discussed his two identities “Artist V” and “Kim Taehyung” in his “Proof of Inspiration” video, ARMY are bringing back a video where the members discussed their various identities and it shows how much he’s truly grown.

During “Bangtan Attic” from BTS FESTA 2019, the members discuss the difference between themselves as an artist and as a person. Some members share they are more confident as their artist self, while others do their best to share only their best sides as a BTS member.

However, during V’s turn to answer, he couldn’t think of an answer that would demonstrate the differences or similarities between his two identities.

I don’t really know how I’m different.

— V

Almost three years later, V revealed the inner struggle concerning his various identities is what “Singularity” is about. Confused about who he really is, he believed he had to choose only one side of himself.

However, in his “Proof of Inspiration” video, he has now come to terms with both of his identities and allowed them to coexist. One side of himself is an idol who enjoys himself with his fans, while the other side is a normal guy who lives an ordinary life.

Now I’m able to accept both sides of myself, but also keep them separate.

— V

V has shown how much he’s grown through his self-reflection and ARMY couldn’t be prouder of his new confidence in himself as both “BTS’s V” and “Kim Taehyung!”

Check out what else V had to say about both of his identities below.

The Difference Between BTS’s “Artist V” And “Kim Taehyung”


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