BTS’s V Shocks ARMY With His Insanely Small Waist Measurement

Even models have trouble fitting this size!

BTS‘s V left fans shook when a recent pair of jeans he wore gave an approximate measurement of his shockingly thin waist.

BTS’s V | Celeb Media

After his recent announcement as an official global ambassador for luxury brand Celine, he stepped out at the new pop-up store in Seoul. Rocking the brand for his full look, his unedited visuals proved he’s the perfect “Celine Boy!”

However, a tidbit of information from an ARMY about Celine revealed just how model-like V really is. Even models can have trouble fitting into Celine pants during fittings for events as the waist measurement is 25 inches.

While it may not be an exact measurement, this means it’s possible that V’s waist is close to 25 inches!

At 179 cm tall (about 5′ 10.5″) and 62 kg (about 137 lbs), all of his body proportions are impressive.

ARMYs compiled moments when V’s tucked-in shirt emphasizes just how small his waist is and the results are impressive!

| @dollstete/Twitter

He sported the figure-hugging jeans as part of his otherwise all-black look, creating an even greater slimming effect.

| X Sports News

Unsurprisingly, he also tightened his belt as much as he could!

| SpoTV News

V is truly perfect from head to toe!

| The Daily Sports

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