These Close-Up Unedited Photos Of BTS’s V In Paris Show How He Looks In Real Life

This is how it feels to see him IRL!

During BTS V‘s trip to Paris for CELINE‘s fashion show, he left fans in awe of everything he did. From his gorgeous fashion that he chose for himself to his luxurious choice of hotel, his trip was full of surprises!

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

However, one of the most shocking things to come from his trip were the unedited fantaken photos that exposed his real-life visuals.

Appearing just as flawless as he does on screen, even low-quality phone photos were no match for V’s perfect visuals.

With his prominent profile and tousled hair, he looks like an animated character come to life!

With no special photoshoot lighting or camera tricks, it’s clear to see that V doesn’t need any effects to look stunning in broad daylight.

With his variety of chic outfits, he also wowed fans with his IRL body proportions. He’s tall, slender, and his legs go on for days.

However, when looking at V, it’s hard to look away from his face…


…especially during moments with jealousy-inducing eye contact!