BTS’s V Spills On His Love For Lady Gaga And Jazz

“I truly believe you’re this generation’s jazz queen.”

BTS‘s V may be a young man in his twenties, but at heart, he’s an old soul. As a lover of all things jazz, he spends his time playing the saxophone and trumpet and listening to music from older generations. He recently told Weverse Magazine what the genre means to him and how he’s inspired by of his greatest jazz idols, Lady Gaga.

V got an opportunity to meet her at 2022 GRAMMYs where the two exchanged a wholesome interaction.

I watch too many videos of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett performing together. Tony Bennett is one of my favorite jazz musicians and I’m absolutely into the way Lady Gaga performs jazz. So I said I’m a huge fan, I really enjoy listening to your music and I truly believe you’re this generation’s jazz queen.

— V

A fan of the genre since he was young, he revealed he grew up listening to jazz and has only become more interested in it as he’s grown.

If you like something for a long time, that feeling sort of intensifies, and whenever I like something, I end up doing something about it. I grew up listening to a lot of jazz, which I love, and I feel like it’s the style of music I want to do be doing now.

— V

Even V’s online presences gives off an old, jazzy vibe — His Instagram videos showcase him dancing in a carefree way while he’s photos tend to have a classic feeling that’s familiar to jazz fans.

I’ve always been that way—that’s just my individual style. I didn’t think it was necessary to post anything like that to the group account since it’s my personal style and my personal life. But I had no idea what to post once I ended up getting my own social media account (laughs) so I decided to just post things I like. I can show off my personal flair on that account. I don’t think I need to worry what other people think about it.

— V

Like the free-form nature of jazz, V isn’t methodical about his posts. In fact, he often posts according to his mood or current feeling he wants to portray.

I just shoot whatever. I don’t have the ability to put my photos together in a nice way the way Hobi does, and I can’t express my own feelings consistently the way Namjoon does. I think it’s different every day—whether I’m feeling good that day, or if there’s something I want to upload. It all depends on who I am that day. Whatever I’m doing, it’s up to whoever I am that day to make the judgment call.

— V

“It’s very free-form. Nothing’s planned out. That’s what I love about it,” he tells Weverse Magazine. Check out more from his interview below!

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Source: Weverse Magazine