Here’s The Full Story Behind BTS V’s “Spring Day” Demo

This is how the song came to be.

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, BTS‘s V covered everything from his GRAMMYs performance to his true personality. Most recently, his demo version of “Spring Day” featured on BTS’s anthology album PROOF gained attention for V’s stunning voice and unique melody. He shared everything about the demo, including when he wrote it and more.

BTS’s V | BIGHIT Music

He reveals that despite having been writing songs for a few years, the song was written relatively early on in his song writing career.

It had been around two or three years [since I started writing songs]. But I tend to only write when I’m feeling it, so at the time I was making one song every five months to a year.

— V

He shared that the song differs greatly from what fans know today as the final version of “Spring Day.” Despite this, his demo still has it’s unique charms and shows a tender side of V that fans love and often find in his solo work.

‘Spring Day’ was basically our first pop ballad, so I thought I could write it. And I really wrote a lot. The producers I was working with all said they liked it, and the label really liked it, too, and even said something playful, like, Yeah, we’re probably going to use yours … but it fell out of the running the following day. (laughs)

— V

V reflected on how his demo of the song has similarities and differences to his own personal music style. While the song is upbeat, it still shows the signature “gravity” of his music.

| Weverse

I think that was the only kind of melody I could produce for that song. The reason being that, when I was given the theme of “Spring Day”—my idea of a spring day was sort of like the sky clearing up after overcoming a chilly, melancholy feeling? It was a feeling like we’re going to have good days ahead, somehow. So I wanted the melody to sound more cheerful than the kind that initially came to mind, and that’s how it came to be.

— V

The melody Namjoon wrote had the setting that took place before mine: before the sky clears. Or with winter still in the air. The way he took up that vibe, it was going in the complete opposite direction from what I had in mind, and I thought, Wow, I never thought a spring day could be interpreted that way. Compared to the ‘Spring Day’ I was thinking of, Namjoon took his thinking one step further. His song really blindsided me. (laughs)

— V

| BIGHIT Music

Despite not being used in the end, V’s gorgeous demo shows off it’s own color on BTS’s anthology album PROOF. Check out more from his interview below!

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