Who Is The Real Kim Taehyung? BTS’s V Dishes On His Multiple Personas 

“That’s one of my thousands of personas.”

From on stage to off stage, V personality can be completely different person. Whether he’s acting, pursuing solo music, or is promoting as a member of BTS, he shows a variety of sides of himself with new and unique charms.

BTS’s V | Weverse Magazine

Not only does V change depending on what he’s pursuing, the BTS members note that his personality has changed as time passed. Previously, he was known as a free-spirited member.

These unique charms are what helped him attract fans. As time has passed, the members revealed that V has become an even more mature and selfless person.

In the same way, various other sides of V have taken shape throughout BTS’s career. He told Weverse Magazine that solo artist V and BTS’s V not only have different personas, but also sound different.

I think my voice in BTS’ music and in my solo music should be different. That could be yet another thing that’s attractive about me that I can show off, but it could also be a tool at my disposal. I kind of like making different characters for myself, so you could look at it as something of a persona.

— V

He shared that the persona he portrays with BTS is too complex to describe due to all of the charms he can show as a member.

I don’t think I can define it in one phrase. If we look at me like I’m a tree, then I think you could say I have thousands of branches. The different fruit on each of those branches each represents a different one of V’s attractive points. So, while I could become something that can be explained, I don’t really think I absolutely need to. So it’s not really something that can be put into words.

— V

I’m just trying to create and show one of the many charms that I can show off as V. If you’re asking what kind of V I’m portraying within BTS, I would say one who sings and dances. That’s one of V’s thousands of personas and it’s up to the viewers to come to their own conclusion.

— V

V hopes to expand on his personas as he pursues new things. From solo music to acting, these different sides of him present a new image to the audience and showcase different charms.

I hope I can come up with a whole lot of personas: singer, solo singer, actor or, later on, photographer or regular old Kim Taehyung. Or when I get into something else. I want to create so many different personas that there’s thousands of versions of myself out there and I can become the kind of person who has a new me good enough to do something different every day. I think that’s my ultimate dream, speaking as an artist.

— V

ARMY can’t wait to see V’s development as an artist as he pursues the second chapter of BTS! Check out more from his interview below.

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Source: Weverse Magazine