BTS’s V Finally Reveals The Reason Why He Keeps Deleting His Solo Songs He’s Worked On

Don’t worry; we might still get “KTH1!”

BTS’s V has quite a reputation for creating beautiful music.


Unfortunately, he also has a reputation for deleting things, whether it’s Instagram posts, old demos, or unreleased songs.

So, anytime ARMYs get excited for V’s upcoming mixtape dubbed KTH1, he then reveals that he has deleted some songs he had been working on for it!

Ah lol all the songs I upload are not going on the mixtape, I deleted them after uploading it

I apologize in advance, I don’t even remember 😅

— V

Since this is recent.. should I look for it in the trash? I wish I hadn’t emptied it Just hate my thumb👍

— V

Recently, BTS celebrated their 9th anniversary with a Festa Dinner Party. During it, they announced that they would be taking a season to focus on releasing solo projects.

From left: BTS’s RM, Jimin, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, Jin, and Suga. | BANGTANTV/YouTube

While their statement was interpreted as meaning they would take a hiatus from group activities, HYBE, Jungkook, V, and RM reassured ARMYs that BTS still have plans as a group.

From left: BTS’s RM, Jimin, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, Jin, and Suga. | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Still, each member also has plans to release their own solo work. So, in a new interview with Weverse Magazine following the release of BTS’s anthology album Proof, V spoke about his evolution as a solo artist and his choice to shelf his songs.

​Interviewer Myungseok Kang asked him about V’s iconic moments from The 2022 GRAMMYs and his solo music. He referenced specifically V’s K-Drama OST for Our Beloved Summer. 

I think people already embrace your brand of freedom to some degree. The way people viewed your music changed after ‘Blue & Grey’ and ‘Christmas Tree.’ And I feel like people understand the image you’re trying to project, considering the particular type of scenes on TV that those two songs often appear in.

— Myungseok Kang

V revealed he hasn’t quite cemented his brand yet, especially since he isn’t sure about listeners’ reactions. So, he plans to keep making solo music until he finds out.

I’m not sure what people think of my songs because I can’t be there with them. I can’t see it with my own eyes. I’ll just have to try making more solo songs to find out. I think that way I can know for sure what lies ahead based on what direction my sound is taking and the stance it should take.

— V

Myungseok Kang then addressed all of the unreleased songs V has teased. He asked, “Don’t you want to release any of your unreleased music?”

V divulged that he actually has shelved all of those songs and is currently in the process of writing new ones. Yet, he feels more confident already.

I shelved all those songs and I’m writing new ones. But I think I’m doing a good job with the writing now. (laughs)

— V

Myungseok Kang inquired about V’s thought process when selecting what songs make the cut. V shared that it purely depends on his mood.

Myungseok Kang: How do you choose when to shelve a song and when to release it?

V: I don’t know. When the mood just strikes me? Maybe when I liked it on the day I made it and still like it when I hear it now, too.

V’s criteria are stiff. He can’t just like a song while he’s working on it. He has to enjoy it later when listening too.

I don’t have any regrets. I just tell myself the next song should be better than the previous one and go make it.

— V

Some may think V is hard on himself this way as he views his own music objectively. Yet, he doesn’t want to have regrets and release things he is unsatisfied with.

I feel like I want to be as objective as I can be with myself when it comes to the songs I make. If I feel regret whenever that happens, I’ll become one of those people who just release songs even when they’re not satisfied with them. And then I wouldn’t be able to complete an album of my songs the way I envision it.

— V

V’s style may be evolving, but his music overall is consistent in vibe. So, Myungseok Kang asked V, “Are there times when the very foundation of the music you’re working on changes as you’re working on it?” 

Your songs have been consistent, emotionally speaking, but your arrangements and composition have gradually been becoming more detailed.

— Myungseok Kang

V shared how his music has evolved specifically. He has reached a new level.

I think I’m trying to make them sound fuller. Like the richness of the tone or a fuller melody. I think I’ve reached that level now.

— V

He explained that listeners should be able to hear the difference if they listen to his solo songs from the beginning to now. V’s voice has taken “on a deeper emotional power.” 

If you listen to all the songs I ever made from beginning to end in order, I hope you can tell both my voice and the entire atmosphere of the songs are taking on a deeper emotional power. It’s one of the most important goals I’ve ever tried to achieve.

— V

We love V and his music at all stages of his life!

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Source: Weverse Magazine