BTS’s V Gifts ARMY Unreleased Music On His Instagram Story, And There May Be A Hidden Message Behind It

Does this mean what we think it means?!

While trying to get the hang of using Instagram stories, BTS‘s V spoiled ARMY with his boyfriend material visuals. However, that’s not all he blessed fans with recently!

Not only has he become BTS’s new spoiler king dropping hints about their album…

…he also left fans with what sounds like a demo version of “Life Goes On.” Featuring the same melody but with different lyrics, it’s possible it’s an earlier version of the song.

He also posted a mysterious blank story with the only text “36.5” written on it. While he mentions this number in the lyrics of the song, fans have also realized there are exactly 36.5 days until the release of BTS’s Proof album at the time of posting.

Coincidence? Or genius? ARMY may never know!

Check out what else V is up to lately below!

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