Everyone Is Absolutely Swooning Over BTS’s V In His Samsung Galaxy CF… And Here’s How Fans Have Been Reacting

V and desserts…what’s not to like?

Samsung only just released BTS V‘s Galaxy CF and fans are absolutely swooning all over the short 23 second video! Titled “A Piece of Cake”, the snippet features V looking all delicious while eyeing up a slice of dessert. We wonder if he knows he’s the snacc instead.

We get why fans call him a moving statue! His features are way too perfect to be real.

We’re not sure who we’re more envious of – the scrumptious looking cake, or V.

Talented fans have even made an edit that looks just like a movie poster. Now that’s one show we’d tune in to.

How can a man look so adorable and hot at the same time?

It seems like netizens wholly agree.

How does he make eating look so sexy?

— Korean Netizen

His side profile is a work of art.

— Korean Netizen

Even his shadow is handsome.

— Korean Netizen

While we completely agree on all accounts, V’s handsome visuals are so frequently mentioned that it might not be news anymore! Here are 5 fan reactions that really, ahem, take the cake!

1. M’am I-

We are speechless at this one.

2. Get in line, sis!

We’re pretty sure that such symptoms are absolutely normal after watching these CFs!

3. Only a true ARMY would know

Some things just don’t change! Hats off to ARMYs for having such great memory skills!

4. Yes.

They said it, not us.

5. He even inspired some fan art

ARMYs are some of the most talented fandoms out there, it seems!

Take a look at the CF video below, if you haven’t already replayed it 100 times!

Source: theqoo


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