BTS V’s Tells A Hilarious Story About His Past Buzzcut And The Nickname He Got From His Friends

Seeing Jin’s new haircut made him remember!

Recently, the BTS members shared an emotional moment when they attended Jin‘s military entrance ceremony.

However, in typical BTS fashion, they found a way to make everyone laugh! Obsessing over Jin’s freshly shaved head, everyone took turns patting his buzzcut. While the look might seem like a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, one BTS member has already had a buzzcut phase.

It’s none other than V! He revealed that the low-maintenance look was actually his go-to hairstyle up until high school.

I shaved my head until I was in my first year of high school.

— V

J-Hope shared that V’s ears were “bigger than his head!” Because of this, RM chimed in that V was in his “monkey era.”

V completely acknowledges that he looked like an adorable monkey. In fact, his nickname at the time was completely inspired by the look!

There were the days of Kim Taehyung the Chimchar.

— V

Chimchar is a monkey Pokémon and the fire-type starter of the 4th generation. His big eyes and ears bear a striking resemblance to a young V!

Chimchar | Pokémon

With his old buzzcut photos, it makes sense why the nickname stuck.

Pre-debut V 

Jimin once shared stories from V’s youth of why he was given the nickname of the mischievous Pokémon.

JM: Taehyung was so mischievous! He always wore shorts. You remember those red shorts?

V: Of course.

JM: You were wearing red shorts and a red snapback when we first met.

V: There’s a drawing of a tongue at the back.

JM: He always wore those. You know those playful kids in town who always run around with a ball? He was one of them.

V: I was also known as “Chimchar.”

The adorable nickname suits him perfectly!


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