BTS’s V Proves He Knows How To Rock A Skirt In New Clip From “Memories Of 2021”

He’s a fashion king!

The BTS members are no strangers to breaking gender norms with their fashion choices, including RM‘s outfits where he rocked a skirt.

During the behind-the-scenes filming of the “Butter” music video from their Memories of 2021 DVD, RM noticed V was wearing a skirt-pants combination.

V confidently rocked the layered look along with a brim hat and some funky eyewear jewelry.

| @Bangtan.Official/Facebook

When RM asked V if he’d ever worn skirt-pants before, V shared that he’s actually used to the look!

During our trainee days, I used to wear skirt-pants every day.

— V

In previous photos, V proves he knows how to rock a skirt, whether it’s street-style…

…or for a professional photoshoot!

Even while shopping on vacation with the BTS members, V is drawn to the look when he picked out a long, floral skirt — and fans know he would make it work!

V proves that clothes have no designated gender and anyone can wear any article of clothing they want…

…just like when he sported this stunning JACQUEMUS dress during “Boy With Luv” era.


V’s love for fashion makes him a real trendsetter!