Here’s How Nervous BTS’s V Actually Is As A Special Guest On “Kim Eana’s Starry Night”

Save him! 🀣

BTS‘s V recently showed the behind-the-scenes footage of his special guest appearance on radio show Kim Eana‘s Starry Night.

Since it was his first time ever hosting a radio show, he diligently rehearsed his lines.

He didn’t quite know what to expect once he was on air, but it didn’t stop him from preparing as much as possible.

In the midst of rehearsals, V couldn’t hide his nerves — and his giant boxy smile!

My heart’s racing. I love listening to radio shows, but I never thought I’d get to host one! I’m so nervous. I just might cry.

— V

After V’s confession of nerves, staff eased him by thanking him for his work. Meanwhile, the fans who were visiting outside gave him strength as he waved to them!

Taking a deep breath, he began the radio show and showed some of his nerves in the introduction.

However, he did great! As time passed, he became more and more comfortable.

He showed off his great chemistry with friend and fellow special guest Park Hyo Shin, which helped him feel even more relaxed.

In the end, V was able to conquer his fears and loosen up. He made sure to excitedly sing and dance along to the music, go up to fans and greet them, and send them hand hearts!

Check out the full video below!


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