BTS’s V Is Going Viral For The Bizarre Way He Wears His Shoes

He refuses to be normal! 😂

V boasted his signature handsome visuals on the way to BTS‘s various pre-recordings over the last week. Stepping out in his chic casual fashion style, featuring button-up shirts and tousled hair, ARMY went crazy for the return of his stunning street style looks!

However, upon closer look, fans…….

Folding the backs of his shoes down, he wears them like slides without socks.

You can count on V to do this with any type of shoe: From loafers to sneakers, it doesn’t matter to him!

His NIKE Air Tailwind QS UD sneakers can go for hundreds of dollars, like much of his shoe collection.

Even at the airport, fans have caught V wearing his shoes in his own unique style.

ARMYs are having a hard time deciding whether it’s destruction or customization!

Either way, V’s free to do what he wants…with his very expensive shoe collection!