BTS’s V Shows The Real-Life Struggle Of Trying To Look Cool While Horseback Riding

He makes it look much easier than it actually is!

BTS‘s V recently revealed that behind-the-scenes footage for his Special Photo-folio, Me, Myself, and V ‘Veautiful Days.’  In one of the photoshoots, he went for a horseback riding concept.

However, V soon revealed that it had been a while since he rode a horse!

As he tried to recall some of the things he learned many years ago, some of the smaller details escaped him.

I learned horseback riding four years ago. I remember enough of it. Was it called the rising trot? I learned up until the canter. I learned for about four months.

— V

However, V wasn’t nervous. In fact, he made sure to ease the horse’s nerves!

Building a friendship bond with the horse, he was quickly able to ride it for the photoshoot — and made it look easy!

In reality, it’s much more exhausting than it might seem.

Since it had been a while, V knows he’ll feel it the next day!

Was it New Zealand? I rode horses there and it’s the first time since then. My thighs are going to be so sore.

— V

Watch the full video below.


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