V Created His Dream Hideout For The BTS Members — Here’s What He Designed

He knows exactly what they love!

If BTS‘s V could make a special hideout for the members to hang out in, he knows exactly what would go in it! In a recent interview with Weverse, he named all of the must-haves for a special place for only the BTS members.

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One of V’s biggest priorities is filling the hideout with games to keep the members entertained and allow them to have fun.

I want a hideout with a lot of games. A lot of things to do… That way, we would visit it a lot. We could also have a basketball rim or other activities as well.

— V

Despite loving classic aesthetics, V would take a different approach for the hideout to match the excited vibes.

I wouldn’t want the decoration to look too classic. It wouldn’t go well with our hideout that is filled with games.

— V

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Perhaps an arcade or bar-like atmosphere would work best!

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Next, when questioned about whether he would be close or far from society, V made sure that their hideout would be it’s own peaceful getaway.

A quiet place. I want a quiet place where we can get good rest.

— V

When it comes to the roles of the hideout, V wouldn’t mind getting some drinks for everyone.

I’ll be in charge of bringing stuff we need. Yes, I always [bring wine]. Whenever we get together, I bring food that I want to share with our members. It’s usually win… Oh, and I like reasonably priced wine. Expensive wine doesn’t fit me that well. (Laughs) The members always like the wine that I bring.


As for the others, they don’t have to do much!

[I would assign them] nothing special. I would just have everyone bring their own stuff. Whatever they want.

— V

With that, his relaxing hideout is complete! Check out what the other members came up with below.

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Source: Weverse