BTS’s V Might Have Just Spoiled The Exciting Reason Why He’s Getting In Shape

Brace yourself, ARMY!

BTS‘s V is on a mission to grow his muscles!

While he’s admitted it’s been a long time since he’s last exercised, V is back on his fitness grind.

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Recently, he’s been showing fans his progress through some gym selfies…

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…and even some food photos. Showing his healthy diet, he posted his dinner of chicken breast and rice on Instagram with some emojis indicating that he’s doing this all in the name of fitness.

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When a fan was concerned he wasn’t eating enough, he responded by sharing that it’s all for a specific purpose.

Today is the first time I’m trying chicken breast😡 I have to lose some weight for this concept😡

— V

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When a user, nicknamed “Yeontan’s Mom,” told V to stay healthy, he reassured them that he won’t be losing that much weight.

  • OP: “Taehyung-ah don’t lose weight. Your health is the most important ✊🏻👍🏻”
  • V: “Mom, I’ll only lose 1kg🔥”

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However, V left fans with more questions than answers. What “concept” is he referring to? And could this piece of paper in the background of his photo be a clue?

ARMY can only hope he’s referring to his solo music (dubbed KTH1 by fans) or some other exciting project!

However, only time will tell what V is actually preparing for!

Check out more of his fitness journey below.

BTS’s V Sends ARMYs Into Meltdown After Teasing Them About His Muscles On Weverse