Here’s What Color Underwear BTS, “Panty Sonyeondan,” Is Wearing

They weren’t shy about this TMI!

If you’re looking for your daily dose of BTS TMI, here it is!

V | @thetaeprint/Twitter

Today, BTS sat down for a special online event for their Official Japan Fan Club to celebrate the release of their Japanese compilation album, BTS, THE BEST. Here BTS talked about their music, and their…underwear?

Well, why not? BTS and ARMY are family! When was asked what his current favorite fashion item is, he confidently said he bought new “panty.” The host burst out laughing.


V’s members, of course, just had to tease him. They repeatedly said, “underwear,” asked what kind of panty V bought, and asked him to show it. “Shh!” he shushed. “It’s a secret.” 


Secret? Pfft. Jungkook and RM both wanted to know what color underwear V had. “It’s black,” he said and shushed them again. After Jungkook boldly announced that he was wearing blue underwear, J-Hope gave BTS an iconic new nickname: Panty Sonyeondan.


Leave it to Jin to go the extra mile! He checked his underwear to verify the color before telling the world he was wearing grey.


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