BTS’s V Updates ARMYs About Jimin’s Condition On Weverse

The members are so caring!

When it was announced that BTS‘s Jimin had successfully undergone surgery for acute appendicitis but had unfortunately caught COVID-19, there is no denying that fans worldwide were extremely worried about his wellbeing.

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When the news was announced about Jimin’s condition, ARMYs went on social media to share a tremendous amount of love and support for him, wishing him a speedy recovery. On Twitter alone, “JIMIN JIMIN” and “#GetWellSoonJimin” surpassed a million tweets each that day.

Yet, fans were put at ease earlier in the week when Jimin updated fans on Weverse with the state of his condition. In a post, Jimin reassured ARMYs of his condition, saying he was recovering well.

Shortly after that update, he shared another one. He said that he would soon leave the hospital and that he’s been eating well.

Sorry for making everyone worry.


I think I’ll be going home soon!

I’ve been recovering well

and eating all three meals a day, too. ☺️

Please hang in there,

I’ll be better and on my way to you in no time!

— Jimin

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Well, it seems like ARMYs have even less reason to worry after BTS’s V went on Weverse to chat to fans. Alongside making an ARMY trend worldwide after his interactions with them, V also shared updates on how Jimin was doing when fans asked him.


Unsurprisingly, considering how long the members have been apart after returning from America and starting their extended vacation, V has made sure to stay in touch with Jimin.

One fan explained that they were missing Jimin saying, “I miss Jimin oppa so much, what about you Taehyung oppa?” It seems as if V felt the same. Luckily for V, he had ways to ensure he could check on his member as he explained, “I did a video call with him as soon as I woke up.

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One user asked V, “Our chick (Jimin) is okay, right?” Luckily, it seems that Jimin was updating V when they spoke. In his reply, V reassured the fan that Jimin seemed to be doing well and even hinted what he was during while recovering.

That chick said he is watching the sky for 7 hours, the sky was pretty today.

| Weverse

As expected, when the updates were shared, ARMYs couldn’t get enough of how caring V was and many imagined what the video call was actually like.

Yet, it isn’t the first time during the past week that BTS’s V caught the attention of fans for his love for Jimin.

Earlier in the week, V wanted to take ARMYs on a trip to the past after posting a photo on Weverse of the members from the event. If that wasn’t cute enough, the caption read, “My family that I love…

| Weverse

Of course, one of the first things ARMYs noticed was that Jimin wasn’t actually in the picture. Luckily, V already thought ahead, and instead of just leaving it, he then posted another selfie but this time of just him and Jimin looking absolutely adorable during the ceremony.

| Weverse

As expected, BTS’s V proves just how considerate he is of his members. Not only does he make sure they’re never left out, but he always stays in touch with them, letting ARMYs know what is going on.

You can read more about their friendship below.

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