Auto-Translations Sabotaged BTS Twice In Less Than 24 Hours

Their message got lost in translation…again.

Once again, BTS‘s messages to fans have been lost in translation, no thanks to auto-translators!


Recently, “THE TRANSLATION” trended on Twitter because of a spit-out-your-drink-worthy translation fail by Google. A quote from Jimin and V‘s live stream was mistranslated to something NSFW because of a word’s double meaning.

Now, another auto-translator has joined the party! On Weverse, V shared a group photo of himself dining on set with SugaRM, and Jimin. The caption, which refers to their food, says, “Does it suit your taste?” Unfortunately, Weverse had other ideas.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

It auto-translated V’s caption to this. Make of that what you will!

Once again, fans are disappointed but not surprised, and they’re sharing their reactions on social media.

V and Jimin aren’t the only members who are experiencing translation fails lately. Find out what wild things happened to Jin‘s post here:

Even Weverse’s Auto-Translator Can’t Handle Jin’s Handsomeness