BTS’s V Just Turned Himself Into The Next Viral Meme

He definitely know what fans want, and what they’re up to.

ARMYs love to make memes, and BTS gives them plenty of material to work with!


Need proof? There’s plenty more where this came from!


Recently, V has been posting nonstop on the Weverse app. He has invited fans to play games, offered advice, and even helped to save a life. Now, he’s turning himself into the next viral meme!


On January 22, V posted four headshots that highlight his bouncy beach waves…and his sense of humor.


In the first photo, V looks stoically away from the camera. In the next two photos, he slowly looks toward it, calling his face a “pancake”.



“bbut! you’ll still like it right?” he asks in the last caption. Could this photo be any more meme-able?


It’s safe to say that V knows what’s going on in the BTS fandom. Does he have a secret stan account? After seeing these posts, some fans say ‘yes’!


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