Yeontan Goes Viral On Twitter After BTS’s V Shares The Most Adorable Video

It’s the cutest thing you’ll see this week.

As much as ARMY love and support BTS, even trending tags on Twitter when the members upload new pictures, they are equally enamored by BTS’s adorable pets. Although all of BTS’s pets are well-loved by fans, fans have an incredibly soft spot for V‘s dog, Yeontan.

V and Yeontan | Dispatch

Fans have watched Yeontan grow up with BTS and have enjoyed all the content they’ve gotten over the years.

J-Hope and Yeontan
Jungkook and Yeontan 

V has always shown his precious bond with Yeontan, once even writing a thank you letter for him during an interview with GQ. In the letter, V explained that because of Yeontan’s health conditions, he is grateful for every moment he spends with him.

To Tan, who even if it’s hard, is hanging in there and enduring. ‘Thank you very much for being alive. I want to make memories together for the rest of your life. I want to see an adult, Tan.’

— V

The precious friendship between the two has often been shown in adorable pictures and videos V has uploaded. Still, since Yeontan currently lives with V’s family, fans have been waiting for more updates of the adorable dog.

And now fans’ patience has paid off, as V uploaded an Instagram Story, nearly a minute long, where he showed off Yeontan’s impressive repertoire of tricks. In the video, set to an upbeat children’s song, Yeontan clearly wanted the treat V was holding but patiently waited for it.

| @thv/Instagram 
| @thv/Instagram 

And quickly indulged V by showing off different, adorable tricks.

| @thv/Instagram 
| @thv/Instagram 

Fans were highly entertained when, at the end of the video, V finally gave the treat to Yeontan, who immediately ran away.

| @thv/Instagram 

Fans were so excited at the new update of Yeontan that he went viral on Twitter.

Which is well deserved since he’s “the best dog in the world.”

As always, fans are endeared by V and Yeontan’s precious relationship.

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