BTS Just Gave Us A New Reason To “Look At My Feet, Look Down”

They kept a promise to ARMY that brought the pain “ON” on M Countdown.

When BTS makes a promise to ARMY, they keep it, no matter how absurd it is!

On March 5, BTS took their fifth win for “ON” on M Countdown with a perfect score. As always, their performance was pure fire from beginning to end, followed by yet another chaotic encore stage.

Earlier in the show, BTS promised to perform their encore stage in acupressure slippers, if they placed first.

Behold, these abominations. Acupressure slippers defy the unspoken law of slippers (i.e slippers must be cozy and comfy at all times), but even so, BTS didn’t hesitate to slip them on!



Suddenly, viewers had a very good reason to “look at my feet, look down”

…and “bring the pain on” had a whole new meaning!

Watch BTS’s win and encore performance here: