Here’s How BTS Selects Their Songs From Songwriters Around The World

They revealed what they look for most in a songwriter.

In a Weverse Magazine interview, Nicole Kim, the leader of BIG HIT MUSIC’s A&R Team, revealed how BTS narrows down which song and songwriters they want to choose for a single.

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For “Permission to Dance,” BTS chose a song with the intent of giving people “good vibes, like positive energy and hope” to convey the uplifting message they wanted to send out to fans during the pandemic.

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One of the goals of the song was for it to “be about what the members thought they should be doing during this situation.” The A&R team specifically chose songwriters that could not only convey this message but would also have a sound that suits BTS and their best qualities.

It’s a hard time for us, but there must be far more people having a much harder time than us, and we want to give people hope in our own way. We hope we can give them strength somehow.


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Ultimately, the decision “depended on how well [the songwriters] understood the artists.”

Lots of people are good at writing songs, but the best song is one that suits the members well and emphasizes their qualities.

— Nicole Kim

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