BTS Will Not Be Able To Attend 2021 MAMAs

They will not be at 2021 MAMA.

BTS will be unable to attend the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards (2021 MAMAs) due to South Korea’s new mandatory quarantine rules.

BTS is currently in the United States and has been there since November 17 for their Promotions and their Permission to Dance concerts. In addition, they have an appearance at the Jingle Ball Tour on December 3 in Los Angeles.

However, the South Korean government has mandated that all people arriving on overseas flights, regardless of residential status and vaccination status, must undergo a mandatory ten-day quarantine due to the rise of the Omicron variant. With BTS performing at the Jingle Ball Tour on December 3, the earliest they would be able to arrive in South Korea would be December 4. Due to the 10 day quarantine, they would be released from quarantine on December 14 at the earliest.

2021 MAMAs will be held on December 11, which makes it impossible for them to attend the event as they will be in quarantine at the time. Mnet has yet to officially release their position on BTS’s status.

Source: MBC Ent