BTS’s Workout Challenge Isn’t Anything Like What ARMYs Expected

It’s expectation vs reality at its finest.

HYBE‘s educational endeavor, HYBE EDU, has gone from hitting the books to hitting the gym with a new series of BTS videos.


On April 29, HYBE EDU teased WORKOUT with BTS, a five-day challenge that promised to energize fans in both body and mind. “Now, it’s time to WORK OUT with BTS!” Well…sort of.

Today HYBE EDU released Day 1 of the challenge, and it’s much different than what ARMYs had envisioned. Some fans expected BTS to whip them into shape…

…but BTS’s members aren’t the ones teaching this class.

Instead, a HYBE instructor leads viewers through exercises that will help improve posture and prevent back pain. Although this wasn’t what some fans had in mind, there is plenty to enjoy and much to learn from Day 1’s video. WORKOUT with BTS is a great way to improve your health while watching past clips of BTS. People of all fitness levels can benefit from the series…

…even clowns.

Get your workout started here:


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