BTS Blesses Fans With A New Workout Video Just Because They Can

Time to hit the gym!

ARMYs have had a rough time this week, but they’re not complaining — much!


Earlier this week, BTS dropped their first scheduled  “BE Log”, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their album BE. ARMYs were expecting a peek into the members’ creative process, but not the gym! and RM‘s workout had flustered fans crying, “close the gyms!” for obvious reasons.

Just when ARMYs thought they were safe, BTS dropped another gym session. Why? Because they can. In the behind-the-scenes video for Episode 131 of Run BTS!, “Muscle Bunny” Jungkook works out with kettlebell squats…

…while J-Hope does Jimin lifts.

Jin make sure everyone knows how strenuous his exercise is by being as loud as possible…

…but Jimin has other plans.

Check out more moments from Episode 131 here:

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