BTS Prove Their Expert Professionalism In Face Of The Challenging Filming Of “Yet To Come”

They proved they’re veterans in the industry!

BTS‘s music video for “Yet To Come” made both BTS and ARMY incredibly emotional with all the references to their past work. But while the music video was a masterpiece, the filming process was actually arduous.

V shared some of the difficulties with ARMY shortly after the music video’s release. A supportive ARMY on Weverse thanked V for his effort in the music video amidst a sandstorm.

| Weverse

You’ve done well amid the sandstorm. Thank you for the cool gift.

-Fan on Weverse

V replied to the post, sharing just how difficult it was to get that shot.

| Weverse

5000 pieces of sand went into my… eyes.


Fortunately, while not filming their scenes, BTS were well looked after by the staff, with V having posed with adorable goggles.

But a recent behind-the-scenes video of the filming for “Yet To Come” proves just how challenging the filming was for all the members who endured the filming conditions to make the incredible music video.

Jin is the first to film his solo parts of the music video, and while talking to the camera, he continually tries to cover his eyes, trying to protect himself from the sand.

Jin | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

Which he points out has already collected on his pants.


But despite the sand going into his eyes, Jin explains that he’s most focused on ensuring his facial expressions don’t reflect his discomfort.

The sand… Look at this. So much sand went into my eyes. I have to look handsome. I’m worried that I’ll frown and look weird.



But despite his worries, Jin looks incredibly handsome as he films his scenes.


Suga is the next member to film, and while he does an incredible job filming his scenes…

Suga | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

He expresses his understandable jealousy towards the members filming the next day since it “won’t be windy” for them.

I heard it won’t be windy tomorrow. [RM] and [J-Hope] weren’t here at all today. They’re the real winners.



And Suga even shares that while this isn’t his first time filming in a desert, “this is the strongest wind [he’s] seen.”

I’ve done shoots in deserts before but this is the strongest wind I’ve seen.



V also tries to film his scenes on the same day, with the wind only getting stronger. So while he is able to get the iconic sandstorm shot, his other scenes need to be moved to the next day.


Still, V proves his incredible professionalism and optimism by continually encouraging himself and the staff during his shoot.

This is great! Don’t let this bring you down!



After filming, V confesses that the wind and sand combination was stronger than he thought.

I was like ‘let’s see who wins,’ but when I opened my eyes… All the sand… I lost. I never knew I’d lose to sand. It looked like I could handle it.



The second day of filming is certainly easier than the first but still not easy for the members.

J-Hope comments that it’s still incredibly windy while they’re filming.

It’s really windy.


J-Hope | BANGTANTV/YouTube 

And even though the filming conditions are harsh, J-Hope gives it his all, even monitoring the footage to make sure he’s doing well.

That was hard! It’s so windy. It’s super windy. It’s so windy that the shoots are getting delayed, but I trust that my shoot went well so I’m heading back to the waiting room. Please let it turn out great.



RM also shares to the camera that he’s grateful they were able to film the music video despite all the obstacles with the location.

There were a lot of obstacles but thankfully, we got the shoot done.



You can read more about the video here.

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