BTS’s Suga Reveals Agust D Comeback May Be Coming Soon

Are you excited?

BTS‘s Suga just revealed that Agust D may be making a comeback soon!

BTS’s Bon Voyage  4 was released on November 19 with the members going on a trip to New Zealand together.

Travelling on the bus, they detailed the various ways they spent their vacation.

While V had a famous outing with his friends in Jeju Island and Jin played games for 15 hours a day for five days straight, Suga was busy working.

I finished my mixtape.

– BTS’s Suga

The news surprised his members with RM replying, “You did?” Suga clarified that it still has some fine tuning to go through although it is pretty much finished.

I still have to arrange and record the songs.

– BTS’s Suga

Needless to say, fans are freaking out.

ARMYs don’t want to sleep in case they miss Agust D 2 which is completely understandable!

Agust D is the rapper alias of BTS’s Suga or Min Yoongi. He previously teased his mixtape last September 2019.

BTS’s Suga Says Agust D Is Ready To Make A Comeback And Now We’re Freaking Out

He released his first solo tape “Agust D” in 2016.