BTS’s Teaser Outfits Are Selling Out Faster Than You Can Say “Dynamite”

Fans are adding BTS’s latest outfits to their closets.

BTS just revealed their newest outfits, and fans know what that means; it’s shopping time!

At midnight on August 11 (KST), BTS dropped the first teaser photo set for their comeback single “Dynamite”. In each photo, the members are wearing retro clothes and accessories inspired by trends from the 1990s.

J-Hope‘s Obey Big Shot T-Shirt, which retails for about $40 USD, was the first item to sell out — in minutes.

He looked so fine in his shirt that fans just had to add it to their own closets.

In less than an hour, V‘s beaded necklace and stone earrings were also sold out.

Were you hoping to buy Jungkook‘s Louis Vuitton denim? Despite its hefty price tag ($2,120 USD), it’s sold out in some countries on the brand’s official website, but not all.

So, you might be in luck…or not.  

Speaking of Louis Vuitton, Suga‘s shirt Leaf Denim Baseball Shirt is sold out in the US, Canada, and more.

Apparently, $1,000+ isn’t too much to pay for a shirt that Agust D modeled!

Are you in need of new accessories? Say hello to Jimin‘s Vintage Hollywood Daisy Necklace…

…and goodbye. This necklace retails for $50 USD, and it’s sold out in all colors on at least one Korean shopping site.

BTS’s next teaser photos will be released on August 13 at midnight (KST), so prepare your heart (and your wallet?) for their next outfits.

BTS Releases The 1st Teaser Photos For Their New Song “Dynamite”