Burning Sun CEO Implies That Every Korean Man Is Like Seungri

He recently had an interview with a Korean news outlet.

Kyunghang News, a Korean news outlet, recently interviewed Lee Moon Ho who is the CEO of the Burning Sun club where Seungri’s scandal began. The businessman spoke up in Seungri’s defence during the interview.

He had some controversial remarks to make during the interview and also elaborated on his relationship with Seungri.

“Seungri is my friend. I made the plan for the Burning Sun and suggested we work together on it. I own 10% of Burning Sun’s shares and Seungri owns 20%. If KakaoTalk messages from three years ago are illegal, then aren’t all Korean men guilty? It’s not even like the prostitution actually happened, they just talked about it.

Lee Moon Ho is currently being investigated for colluding with the police and drug charges related to his ownership of the club.