Another Burning Sun Sexual Assault Video Has Been Found

MBC’s Newsdesk has revealed details about the sexual assault and the alleged perpetrators.

Another illegally filmed video of a sexual assault at club Burning Sun has surfaced, according to MBC’s Newsdesk.


This is not the first sexual assault video at the Burning Sun that has come to light. Around the same time that Kim Sang Kyo‘s Blue House Petition went public, CCTV footage (from December 2018) showed a lead up to an alleged sexual assault taking place inside the club.


By the end of January, Burning Sun employees began speaking up about illicit activities they had witnessed in the club’s VIP section. One employee spoke up about a sexual assault video that was allegedly taken inside the VIP restroom. The video showed a woman, who couldn’t keep herself steady, sitting on the toilet while a man sexually assaulted her.

The bathroom lights in the video were the same as the ones in the VIP room bathroom at Burning Sun. When the video was first released, the employees also said that it was the VIP room restroom but it seemed like they weren’t too concerned about the released video.

ㅡ Employee


On March 22, MBC revealed that the man, a Burning Sun staff member, who had filmed and shared the video of this assault has been arrested. Another staff member, however, reportedly assaulted and filmed other female victims at the Burning Sun on the same day, in the same location, that the restroom sexual assault occurred.


In the video, the second Burning Sun staff member brings a second victim into the restroom to be sexually assaulted just as the first victim is leaving. Both staff members were reportedly involved in assaulting a total of three victims. The first staff member filmed the assaults using the second staff member’s phone.


These staff members reportedly deleted the videos and began to destroy more evidence when the police began investigating further into the Burning Sun. According to one Burning Sun customer, the videos were moved from the phone to a laptop for safekeeping, then a brand new phone was registered (by the second staff member) to submit to the police.


Police plan to seize both of the phones, but the phones’ owner has refused to have the phones submitted for forensic analysis and restoration until he has a lawyer.

Source: MBC News and Xsports News

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