Burning Sun And Yeoksam Police Station Raided By The Police For Evidence

They gathered evidence for the assault, drug, and rape claims.

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Ever since the assault case that arose from a customer who accused the Burning Sun staff and the Yeoksam Police of assaulting him, a special task force was gathered to do a thorough investigation to find out the truth.


The police heading the investigation recently searched and seized multiple files and evidences that could potential shed light on the truth behind the many accusations that arose since the lawsuit.

32 investigators brought out 4 boxes of potential evidence.


The police searched Burning Sun for over 6 hours to gather potential evidence regarding the claims of staff’s assault, as well as the claims that women are drugged and raped on multiple occasions.

A couple of Burning Sun staff also confessed that they’ve seen customers use illegal drugs for recreational purposes, a crime that is highly forbidden in Korea’s conservative society.

Reported image of video where a woman is sexually assaulted at the VIP bathroom of Burning Sun.


The Yeoksam Police Station was also searched for evidence. The investigative team collected CCTV footage, body cam videos, and blackbox videos from the patrol car used to arrest Mr. Kim during that night.

The police plan to compare the documents and footages gathered from Burning Sun and the Yeoksam Police Station to determine if there were any cohesion.


However, news reports claim that it is likely that Burning Sun already discarded possible evidence as it has been 17 days since the first report of assault. After analyzing the evidence, the police plans on calling in Burning Sun’s CEO Lee Moon Ho again to investigate further.


Meanwhile, the hotel that rents out its property to Burning Sun is demanding that the club take its business elsewhere. They site that the club is bringing down the namesake of their 5-star luxury hotel brand.

“We signed a lease agreement last April, and there are still many years left on the contract. We requested that they terminate the contract, and we’re waiting for their reply.”

— Le Méridien Hotel

Source: MBC and Money Today

Burning Sun Scandal

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