SBS Releases “Business Proposal” Finale Spoiler Clip, And It’s Peak K-Drama Comedy That We All Love

There’s a reason this K-Drama is so famous!

SBS‘s Business Proposal is releasing its final episode on April 5. This romance-comedy features the love story of chaebol Kang Tae Mu and his employee Shin Ha Ri.

Kim Se Jeong (also known as Kim Sejeong) and Ahn Hyo Seop

As a much-awaited preview, SBS released a short teaser clip of Episode 12 on their social media accounts. It was less than two minutes long and it was set the morning after the main couple’s steaming hot night from Episode 11.

It opened with Ha Ri’s mom and dad on a walk outside of their house. Her mom accurately speculated that Ha Ri did not return home the day before because she was with Tae Mu.

Her father, however, was convinced that she wasn’t the type of person who would stay out all night with her boyfriend.

Contrary to his expectations, they found their daughter coming home just then…with Tae Mu!

The young couple sweetly held hands and talked about hating to part from one another.

Ha Ri: I’ll go inside now.

Tae Mu: I still really don’t want you to go.

Ha Ri: Me too.

Ha Ri’s mom exploded in anger and rushed towards the two, unleashing her rage through multiple spanks.

When Tae Mu tried to calm her down by calling her “Mother” like a son-in-law would, her temperature rose even more.

Ha Ri couldn’t take her boyfriend being attacked by her own mom and shouted at her in return, showcasing a fight that fit the classic mold of comedic K-Dramas.

The finale of Business Proposal will air on Netflix at 11:30 PM KST.

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