“Business Proposal” Actors Seol In Ah And Kim Min Gue Were Glad When The Bedroom Scene Was Over—Here’s Why

They were so glad to be done with it!

Business Proposal is currently one of the hottest K-Dramas of the year, and each episode leaves fans wanting more!

“Business Proposal” poster | SBS

The actors deliver each great scene with everything they’ve got, but Seol In Ah, who plays one of the lead roles of Jin Young Seo, recently revealed that she was super glad when one of her scenes was over and done with!

Seol In Ah | @_seorina/Instagram

The cast of Business Proposal recently appeared on Netflix’s The Swoon, and played a game of Jenga together, while also completing hilarious missions and answering questions!

For round 2 of the game, they split into 2 groups; Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong in one team, and Kim Min Gue and Seol In Ah in one team!

(from left tor ight) Seol In Ah, Kim Min Gue, Ahn Hyo Seop, and Kim Sejeong

While they continued to play Jenga, the question that was asked to them was,

What’s something that made you happy recently?

Seol In Ah immediately named the bed scene she shot with Kim Min Gue recently (who plays the character Cha Sung Hoon)! She revealed that the scene was difficult to film as they had to maintain their bodies with a strict diet just for that one scene!

Filming of the bed scene with Cha Sung Hoon is over! Yay! But really, we should celebrate it. We were maintaining our bodies. You can quit the diet!

—Seol In Ah

Kim Min Gue, at first a little offended, was quick to agree with her in the end!

The diet is over! Recently, I was able to eat whatever I wanted.

—Kim Min Gue

But their hard work really paid off, and the steamy scene was everything viewers could have wanted it to be!

Seol In Ah and Kim Min Gue | SBS

You can watch them talk about it here!

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