“Business Proposal” Seol In Ah’s Shows The Duality Of Her Chemistry With Kim Min Gue On Instagram, Especially After THAT Kiss

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The hottest show to take over the world of K-Dramas is none other than SBS’Business Proposal. Since it started airing, netizens have become obsessed with the show and all the characters in it.

Yet, aside from the main couple of Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop) and (Shin Ha Ri) Kim Sejeong… who are truly adorable AF…

Kim Se Jeong (left) and Ahn Hyo Seop (right) in “Business Proposal” | Netflix

It seems as if there is another duo catching the attention of netizens both on and off-screen, and it’s the second lead couple Jin Young Seo (Seol In Ah), who is Ha Ri’s friend, and Tae Moo’s secretary and bestie Cha Sung Hoon (played by Kim Min Gue, also known as Kim Min Kyu).

Seol In Ah (top) and Kim Min Gue (bottom) | Netflix

Throughout the series, their chemistry and fast-paced romance have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide.

| The Swoon/ YouTube
| The Swoon/ YouTube 

Well, it seems like their personalities and friendship off-screen are just as good as in the show, and netizens haven’t been able to get over a recent interaction on Instagram between the two.

Kim Min Gue recently posted a cute picture of himself from the show’s set with the caption, “Business proposal today business proposal tomorrow.

| @mingue.k/ Instagram

However, although the comments were flooded with fans, one stood out the most, and it was from none other than his costar Seol In Ah.

It seems the photo wasn’t taken by just anyone. Seol In Ah wanted everyone to know that, as she replied, “Who took these photos that make you look so good?” If Seol In Ah really did take the photo, it isn’t surprising just how good it is.

When the comment was posted, netizens couldn’t get over the interaction, joking that Seol In Ah was “nagging” Kim Min Gue and showcasing how close they are.

However, it especially caught the attention of fans because it comes after the release of the show’s seventh episode… dubbed the “sexiest” yet. In particular, there was “THAT” steamy kiss that shook the world of K-Dramas…

| The Swoon/ YouTube
| The Swoon/ YouTube   

It seems like the duo is the true epitome of duality and showcases that no matter whether they’re in character or not, they have a truly special friendship with each other.

Yet, it isn’t the first time that Seol In Ah has shown fans her more playful side. After having some fun during their first kiss scene, Kim Min Gue explained that she made the scene unforgettable.

| SBS Catch / YouTube
| Hapr

With a lot more of the series left, netizens are on the edge of their seats waiting for each new episode. The interactions between the cast continue to cement why it’s so loved.

You can read more about “That” kiss and the steamy episode below.

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Source: @mingue.k

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