A Local Cafe Owner Thanks BTS’s RM For His Visit And Impact On Their Business

His impact!

BTS‘s RM recently uploaded a series of photos to Instagram, including that of a cup of coffee and a cookie. Although he did not make a single reference to the name of the cafe, it seems that fans had already sleuthed out the location and name of the place. ARMY began to visit the cafe, leading to the owner penning a post of their own.

| @rkive/Instagram

The owner wrote a long post to thank RM for his effect on the small business.

To. RM

You came by cafe Biscuit yesterday. I’m also currently waiting to take a picture at where you sat down. Today, the words I heard the most were questions that were curious as to which coffee you drank. I heard from Saetbyeol (employee), regarding what you said about how the Christmas Blend goes well with Christmas. Saetbyeol, who was the one who came in close contact with you, after she recognized you, decided to roast more of the Christmas Blend even though Christmas has been long forgotten. We are quite materialistic, you see. ARMY are all really polite. Your cup of coffee was greater than the disaster relief fund.

Seems like you had two cups. I hope the memory of you drinking Biscuit’s coffee deliciously will last long. Thanks to you, Biscuit was an ARMY base today.


— Biscuit’s owner

It’s not the first time that BTS has helped a small business. Jungkook famously helped sell out a local tea brand’s kombucha recently.

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