Calvin Klein’s New Signature Emoji Gets Fans Speculating BTS Jungkook’s Future Photoshoot Looks

He’s gonna be wearing a what??

Ever since BTS maknae Jungkook was revealed as the new global ambassador of Calvin Klein, ARMYs have been spending every day anticipating his new photoshoots with the brand. So far, he has modeled for their denim collection, which promptly took over stores across the globe and social media platforms.

Since he is also signed to be the ambassador of their underwear line, fans are half-scared and half-excited to see what Calvin Klein has in store for them. Meanwhile, the brand has launched its very own Kakao emoticon, a bunny character named “Benny,” to celebrate 2023 being the year of the rabbit, as well as in honor of their global brand ambassador Jungkook, whose representative animal is a bunny.

The character will be released as 16 different emoticons under a series titled “Benny’s Denim Life.” But the most exciting part about it is that Benny will be wearing all the outfits Jungkook has worn for Calvin Klein’s spring campaign!

As soon as the preview of “Benny’s Denim Life” came out, fans went soft over some of the obvious resemblances between the character designs and Jungkook in real life.

But some eagle-eyed ARMYs also detected a few *spicy* outfits. The first one is a crop top paired with a pair of underwear. The second one is a pair of denim pants with a hole in the back to fit the bunny’s tail(??).

And the third outfit that stole ARMYs’ attention is a black Calvin Klein t-shirt with what looks like a denim skirt.

Technically, Benny is wearing the clothes that Jungkook has already modeled for the brand, so it won’t be too delusional to expect that fans are going to see him in similar outfits soon. But the speculations alone are enough to send an average ARMY into anaphylactic shock. If and when the actual pictures drop, something might shift in the world.


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