Mnet’s New Audition Program, “CAP-TEEN” Airs In November – Here Is Everything We Know, From Judges To Already Popular Candidates

Can they gain back the trust of the public after “Produce 101”?

Mnet‘s latest work in progress comes in the form of a reality audition program, CAP-TEEN. Aimed at minors only, anyone can apply for the show. They have accepted both male and female candidates, making for a co-ed show.

Some may delight in finding familiar faces such as half-black teen model, Bae Yujin, who has been active in the entertainment industry for quite some time. She has appeared in various shows such as Good Job with Lovelyz and Nest Escape on the same season as SF9‘s Chanhee and ASTRO‘s Sanha. Catch her chatting with Lovelyz below.

Two of the past Produce 48 contestants will also be re-challenging audition programs – Jo Ah Young who was eliminated at rank 72 and Kang Damin at rank 62.

Kang Damin | Bigdata News

As for the judges, so far three have been revealed, namely, former SISTAR‘s Soyou, rapper Jessi and singer Lee Seung Cheol. Soyou will be mentoring them as a veteran idol, sharing tips on idol life and how to shine on stage. Jessi will be mentoring rap, naturally. Lee Seung Cheol is a seasoned singer, although many in the current generation may not have heard of him. Lee Seung Cheol has been a judge on Superstar K previously, while Jessi has judged on High School Rapper.

Visual high school duo, 2Eight, is also auditioning for the program. As friends, they decided to enter the show together. Robin, although his ethnicity is Korean, comes from the UK. In an adorable clip from their audition, Hanjoon‘s mother accompanied the two to their audition. Check out how she hilariously fawns over Robin instead of her own son!

Although the official profiles of all 61 contestants are already up on Mnet’s official homepage, if you’re short on time, you can check out a highlights reel below! The reel features all the contestants singing or dancing in their school uniforms. We can spot some diamonds in the rough there!

The show promises to be fully catered to teens only, and is focused on talent rather than looks. The winner will be given a chance to work with a world class producer and a famous choreography team. Both groups and individuals were allowed to participate. Keep your eye out for the first broadcast in November!

Source: Namuwiki and Mydaily