CCTV Footage Captures The Last Moment Jonghyun Was Seen Alive

Korean media released footage of the last time Jonghyun was seen alive.

CCTV footage, released through Korean media, show the last time Jonghyun was seen alive.

In the video, Jonghyun is seen walking into a convenience store. This video was played on Korean TV and has been distributed online as well.

According to the owner of the store, he bought a pack of cigarettes, soda (pop) and a few snacks. He also revealed that Jonghyun has said in the same apartment building before, which the convenience store is attached to.

In the short clip below, Jonghyun is shown at the counter of the convenience store.

The security guard at the apartment also spoke to media. He talked about Jonghyun’s actions after leaving the convenience store. 

His full statement is below:

“After parking his car on the B1 floor, he stood in front of the convenience store on the same floor for a very long time.

After checking in he got in his car and went to the road right in front of the residence and went back and forth making a lot of noise.

He was stepping on the accelerator so hard that the engine was making very loud noises. After a while things got quiet and than the car came back in (to the parking lot).”

— Security Guard

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